Annual Articulation Conferences

The Math and Stats Articulation Meeting was designed to help Wyoming higher education professionals network and promote their collaboration on projects to promote quality education.  Math articulation among the Wyoming schools began over 35 years ago.  They meet at least once yearly in April and the meeting site circulates among the colleges in the following order.  The map below shows the 7 community college service districts, and the college locations.  The University of WY is in Laramie, and lies within the LCCC service district.
  • Cheyenne - 2018
  • Riverton - 2019
  • Rock Springs - 2020
  • Gillette or Sheridan - 2021
  • Powell - 2022
  • Laramie - 2023
  • Torrington - 2024
  • Casper - 2025
Over time, other professional groups have joined us and left to form their own articulation networks. 2017 marked the 11th collaboration known as "Mathematics Lost in Transition".  High school math educators and administrators attended our conference in a welcome effort to improve the transition of our students from K-12 to post secondary study.  We must thank Dr. Audrey Kleinsasser, former Director of the Wyoming School-University Partnership, for her vision and 11 years of sponsorship.  The Partnership has new co-Directors, and we look forward to their new vision for collaboration during AY 2018-2019.

Updated Jan 2018


  1. So, when is your 2017 Casper Conference?
    (I'm the ORMATYC President and a faculty member at Clackamas CC (and previous AMATYC NW VP, just before Wyoming joined us as part of the NW region)).

  2. How nice that you've asked. Unfortunately, the 2016 meeting was 2 weeks ago in Torrington, WY, home of Eastern WY CC. Next year the date should be again late March. Debra Swedberg is the Dept Head at Casper College. She'll be the first to know the dates in 2017.

  3. Thanks for the contact info, Lynne.