WY Calculus Corner

This current mission of this page is to share with each other:

  • Information about our Calculus courses including text, syllabi, old exams, technology
  • Share news
  • Discuss assessments
  • Gather data, perhaps of the nature suggested by Tim Robinson at the 2013 Articulation meeting, i.e.,  relating success with assessments that ranked using Bloom's Taxonomy 
Calculus comes in many flavors:
  1. HS students may attend a college, take a distance course.  They may also stay in the HS and take either a dual enrollment class, a concurrent enrollment class or an advanced placement course.
  2. College calculus courses have traditionally been of two types:  engineering calculus or business calculus.  In WY, engineering is a 3-semester sequence:  Math 2200, 2205 and 2210.  In WY, business calculus is a 2-semester sequence:  Math 2350 and Math 2355.
  3. Just as the business calculus is tailored for a specific major, life science majors and SER majors at UW have tailored versions of calculus.  Each uses a different text and syllabus.
    • Calc(SER)  is for chemistry, geology, renewable resources, and SER (
      School of Energy Resources) majors
    • Calc(Life Sciences) is for Life Science majors
 Click here to download the working document.  If you have documents or links to post from your school, please contact Lynne or leave a blog message.

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