WY Calculus Corner

This current mission of this page is to share with each other:
  • Information about our Calculus courses including text, syllabi, old exams, technology
  • Share news
  • Discuss assessments
  • Gather data, perhaps of the nature suggested by Tim Robinson at the 2013 Articulation meeting, i.e.,  relating success with assessments that ranked using Bloom's Taxonomy 
Click here to download the working document.  If you have documents or links to post from your school, please contact Lynne or leave a blog message.

  1. Keynote by Maria Andersen (UW Alum!)  11/2017 at 2nd Annual Conf at Stevens' Institute, Reimagining Calculus
  2. Recent reports on Frosh/Soph courses

  1. CSU Calculus Center:  (see novel S2018 workshops schedule)

Updated Jan 2018

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