State-wide agencies
  1. WY Community College Commission & links to all CC: 
  2. WY Department of Education -- Mathematics
  3. WY "Lego First" facebook page -- grades 2-8 coding contest

National agencies
  1. Psychology of Math Education (professional community)
  2. Women in Math Education
  3. AMATYC homepage

Instructional resources
  1. National Math & Science Digital Library (search internet with a math/science focus)
  2. Trig Secrets:  Scientific American article with 10 secrets
  3. Frequently Asked Questions about Trig (includes realistic projects)
  4. How to Learn Trig Intuitively
  5. What have we learned from calculus reform?  4 page Deborah Hughes Hallett essay
  6. Open problem garden:  website to explore & discuss the mathematical frontier
  7. Resources for dice (see blog below KB Konnected) for additional posts 2010-present
  8. Mathematical cultures:  London Math Society; papers related to 3 conferences on topic
  9. Proof in math:  lists over 40+ "special" examples (see Tie-the-Knot below)
  10. Tie-the-Knot:  incredibly comprehensive site with animations, explanations, etc.
  11. Standard Units:  exhaustive index of units of measurement
  12. Using Blooms & Assessments in class from Cal State LA Helpful Classroom Hints series
  13. Videos on YouTube from Numberphile, examples Transcendental NumbersKlein bottles
  14. Activities for Demos (graphing tool), example Penny Circles, from Teacher Desmos
  15. Play math games online from Thinkfun
  16. Math reasoning inventory on reasoning
  17. Video matching to graphs
  18. Strange timezones
  19. Weird functions
  20. Grid paper masters
  21. Virtual manipulatives
  22. Online SET game article and website
  23. Precalc activities in Active class
  24. Precalc
  25. Polynomial & Rational Functions

  1. Journal of Humanistic Math
  2. Math Education J:  published by Teachers' College of CUNY
  3. NCTM Mathematics Teacher
  4. NCTM Teaching in the Middle
  5. NCTM J for Research in Math Ed 
  6. Math Magazine from the MAA
  7. MAA Focus magazine
  8. Math Horizons from MAA
  9. The College Math J from MAA
  10. Convergence magazine (teaching with history) from MAA

  1. KB Konnected
  2. Math Education Matters:  MAA column; topics/current events in undergrad Math Ed
  3. Curriculum Inspirations:  MAA
  4. Quanta (online) Magazine:  math & sciences articles for younger crowd
  5. Busynessgirl:  blog from (celebrated) Maria Anderson
  6. Ubiratan D'Ambrosio blog (founder Etnomathematics, site in portuguese)
  7. Top Computer Science blogs
  8. David Lippman & online/open source materials
  9. Dan Meyer's dy/dx
  10. Log scales (Vi Hart & Khan Academy)
  11. Precalc Resources from Eric Miles
  12. Henri's blog

Updated January 2018

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