Mission & Constitution

WYMATIC is a non-profit educational association.  It's purpose is to encourage and develop innovative mathematics programs, afford a state forum for exchange of ideas, develop and/or improve the mathematics education and mathematics related experiences of students in two-year colleges, and to promote the professional welfare and development of its members.

Click here to download the WYMATYC Constitution.  WYMATYC is an affiliate of the national organization AMATYC in the NorthWest Region.  Wyoming recently moved from the Central Region to the Northwest Region.  The current Northwest Regional Representative is Adiana Mendoza employed in the Mathematics Department at Green River College, WA.

Faculty from the six Wyoming Community Colleges and from the University of Wyoming are loosely connected both by a long history of collegiality and articulation, and their support for the national organization.  The logos of the seven schools (eight campuses) appear below.  The websites are mostly accessible from the WY Community Colleges central website.  The UW Math/Stats Department webpage joint website is in construction.  For now, the Math Dept and Stat Dept sites are separate.

Updated Jan 2018

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